Founded in 2002, by Mr. Abdelwahed CHAOUKI, BIBANCOM has established itself as a key leader in industrial carpentry of doors and cupboards.

Operating especially in the real estate and hotel sector, each year we manufacture and deliver nearly 100,000 doors to our professional clients.

With a varied offer and quality products, BIBANCOM combines refinement and design, while respecting international environmental standards, using ecological and biodegradable materials.

Our values

Competence, advice and performance are a daily requirement to which we are committed, from production to delivery, thanks to an ambitious team that combines know-how, dynamism and efficiency.
Responsible choices of high durability materials, a manufacturing process and finishing solutions that demonstrate our daily commitment to the environment for a responsible future.
Responsible choices, our products are carefully controlled throughout the manufacturing process. A state of mind that guides all our teams from the choice of materials to the delivery of finished products
Ready to install, is a concept that facilitates the installation of our products thanks to their pre-finishing or finishing which ensures accessibility and safety of installation Bibancom confirms its positioning on the market and continues its development between capitalization of experience and innovation.

Our products

Our team

Our team is made up of a successful mix of professional cabinetmakers and installer experienced in the industry; as well as young graduates in management and administration.

We devote a significant portion of our resources to training and developing their skills, to meet the needs of our customers and anticipate Moroccan and international industrial developments.

Our success is based on the quality and expertise of our teams.